Herbal essences shampoo or ayurvedic shampoo benefits, Procedures and rules of use.

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Many people suffer from problems like women or men, extra hair fruit, damaged hair, Break the hair, Extra hair obstruction, etc. But we do not know that this problem is also caused by our used shampoo and conditioner.

Generally or conditioners in the market are made of chemicals. They are responsible for 90% of our hair fall and loss of hair.

Herbal Essences Shampoo or Ayurvedic Shampoo Description of the Creation

So today I will share with you the method of making Mild Shampoo or Herbal Shampoo in a very simple way. I hope all men and women benefit from using it –

To make it we need 5 ingredients:
1. One liter of water.
2. Soapnut 50/70 gram.
3. Shikakai is 50 grams.
4. Dry Bureaucracy is 50 grams.
5. 10-gram Fenugreek seeds.

Before you know how to make it, let us know how this shampoo will provide nourishment to our hair:

Soapnut- It acts as a natural deep cleanser.
It cleanses the dirt from the base of the hair.

Shikakai- Shikakai contains an ingredient called antifungal properties, It softens, protecting the hair from the fungus deposition.
It even prevents hair fall.

Bureaucracy- Bureaucracy contains a lot of vitamin C, which strengthens the base of the hair. Antioxidants in Bureaucracy make the hair healthy and removes the scent.

Fenugreek seeds- It contains vitamin C, rich in iron and potassium. Also, fenugreek contains a material called Lecithin which repairs damaged hair.

Let’s find out the process of making a beneficial Herbal Shampoo-

For starters, Bureaucracy should be dried in the sun.

Now the soap nut has to be removed from the shell.

The above 4 ingredients in 1 liter of water should be taken in the specified measurements.

They should be soaked overnight.

All the materials soaked overnight will soften. They should be crushed well by hand.

This time the shampoo has to be boiled in the oven. Boil 3 minutes in a gentle oven. After 3 minutes, let it cool down.

Separate the shampoo with a cotton cloth. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 6 months.

The above measure applies to 1 liter of water.

If the quantity of water is changed, the materials will have to be measured and changed.

Usage rules:

It is liquid so it cannot be used as a market Product. Fill the shampoo in a spray bottle to use it.

Now Spray it on hair and keep it for 10 minutes. Now wash it with water. This sample you can use in oily hair.
Since it is a homemade prepared entirely of natural ingredients. So the foam will be less and the amount may need more.

Benefits of this Shampoo:

The ingredients needed to make this is a very low cost. So it can be said that the cost is relatively low and very useful.

The ingredients needed to make it readily available in the market.

So when you need it Only then can you create this shampoo. You don’t need much preparation for this.

Excessive use of chemical or market shampoo can cause serious damage to our hair.

Even if you use a home-made herbal shampoo daily.

It will not have any harmful effects on your hair.
Its hair Adds nourishment from deep and makes hair bright and vivid.

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