Dengue Fever In bangladesh- Treatment For Dengue 2020

Symptoms And Treatment For Dengue

Another name for dengue fever is breakbone fever. The cause of this fever is mosquito bites – the name of that mosquito is Aedes mosquito. This mosquito carries the virus of the disease. Make this fever painful and unbearable. We will be knowing the symptoms and treatment for dengue step by step.
The disease is more common in tropical countries in the world. Now, many countries of this fever are seen and The fever has caused many deaths in India, Southeast Asia, South China, and Taiwan.

There is no specific drug or antidote to dengue yet. It is possible to remove mosquitoes by destroying the causes and symptoms of the disease. It is possible to prevent fever by keeping yourself away from mosquito bites.
To prevent the spread of mosquito bites, awareness of the causes and symptoms of dengue must be raised.

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Dengue Fever Mosquito Name

This mosquito is commonly known as dengue or Aedes mosquito. It was not given a different name. But we know about some of its species. Dengue fever is usually caused by Aedes mosquito bites. Once this fever occurs, this fever can occur again. Let’s know the species of Aedes mosquito:

List of Aedes species

Ae. aegypti.
Ae. albopictus.
Ae. australis.
Ae. cantor.
Ae. cinereous.
Ae. polynesiensis.
Ae. rustic.
Ae. Texans.

The Cause Of Dengue Fever

The disease is spread by Aedes mosquito bites. This mosquito (one of the four viruses closely related to the DENV virus) is infected with this fever. Aedes mosquitoes are the carrier of any one of the four viruses. As a result, humans can also be affected by that particular virus. Aedes mosquitoes do not breed in ponds, fields, and any water reservoir.

This mosquito species are more active in the morning and after sunset. Again, these mosquitoes breed in containers in the water outside the house or inside the house. They cannot fly more than 200 meters from their birthplace.

When the Aedes mosquito bites a healthy person, The dengue virus (a virus of four) enters that person. If any other mosquito bites on that person, Then the mosquito is transmitted to the dengue virus. Thus, this mosquito becomes the carrier for dengue. If the infected mosquito bites a healthy person, the disease continues in such an away.

The person who is infected with dengue can be infected again by anyone from the four viruses. But if a person is infected with a specific virus, that person will not be infected again with that particular virus. The symptoms of the second infection are more severe and Intense than the first infection.

Research On Dengue

Studies show that 40 percent of the world’s population lives in those places, where dengue is more likely to be infected. Dengue fever is seen 3 to 7 days after the Aedes mosquito bite, which lasts for 3 to 7 days. Although this fever is a highly contagious infection. It is easily cured if symptoms can be seen at the earliest levels. Timely treatment is necessary to avoid heart, lung, or liver damage, so it is important to know the symptoms of the disease.

In some cases, the blood pressure can be reduced due to this disease, which can result in the death of the patient. So, It is a deadly disease. But by raising awareness we can get relieved of it.


Need To Know The Symptoms Of Dengue Fever


Few Symptoms for dengue

In many cases, the fever can be less and more. It is seen that the fever recovers after three or four days. But then platelets become less. This fever comes back with a break in the middle. Fever is accompanied by severe headaches, body aches, and pain backside the eyes. Usually, after 2 days of fever, the rash is seen in various areas of the body.


Again, if the fever goes through a critical phase, Then blood may fall through the teeth gum and blood may vomit. For many, blood may go through the anus. Many respiratory problems can occur. Upper abdominal water may come back sometime.


This fever causes water emptiness, the amount of urine for the patient may be reduced. This increases the risk of kidney problems. Also, The amount of sweating may increase. Nausea can occur. Again For dengue fever, the taste of food may decrease. The symptoms of other viral fever can be seen in almost all dengue fever. Usually, many people consider the symptoms of dengue fever as normal viral fever, infection, or flu. This results in disruption to treatment for dengue. Therefore, it is mandatory to clearly identify the symptoms of the disease to make a difference.


There Are Some Signs Of The Dengue Fever:

The most common symptom of dengue is fever with any of the following:

1 Without cause, a sudden high fever will occur.
2 It can cause an unbearable headache.
3 On the eyes, on the forehead can be a pain.
4 There may be severe pain in the muscle and the knee.
5 Have severe weakness and tiredness.
6 Nausea will occur.
7 Cause vomiting.
8 It can cause a rash on the skin.
9 Easily wound or bleed.
10 After a digestive disturbance.
11 It can cause diarrhea.
12 Also, the Inflammatory glands problem.

In the case of this fever, there may be few symptoms. It can be cured by taking certain medicines, resting, and drinking excessive amounts of water. In other cases, the symptoms may be very high. Due to this, there are many problems in the body. In many cases, dengue fever can be fatal if it is not detected and If not cared for at the right time. So you have to be careful about these things and if there are any symptoms of dengue, you must take treatment for dengue.

Dengue patients usually recover within a week. But when the symptoms are chronic, this fever can be fatal for a variety of reasons. For example, if the lymph and blood vessels are damaged, platelets are reduced too much, If there is bleeding through the nose and Dental gums, liver enlargement and the circulatory system is damaged. This type of condition is called Dengue – Dengue Shock Syndrome (DSS).

These Symptoms Of Dengue Will Help To Identify Dengue Fever:

      1. Abdominal pain can occur.
      2. It can cause nausea and vomiting constantly.
      3. There may be bleeding on the Dental gums, nose, and skin.
      4. Bleeding may occur in urine or vomiting.
      5. Breathing problems may occur.
      6. Cause rapid heart.
      7. Freezing skin.
      8. Indirect discomfort may occur.

It is said that the above symptoms of dengue almost confuse. Therefore, it is always advisable to confirm Dengue in consultation with a doctor and a blood test. Generally, there is no specific drug for the treatment of dengue fever.

The infected patient will be able to take paracetamol medication. Avoid any drugs that contain aspirin, as this drug can increase blood flow. Also, the patient needs immediate medical attention. If the above symptoms occur, you should drink more fluids and drink more water and rest. In children, no drug should be applied without consultation of the doctor. In this case, contact a verified doctor for medication as soon as possible.

The Nature Of The Dengue Fever

The severity of this fever is high in infants and young children. Women are more at risk than men. There are four types of dengue virus. So the fever is likely to be four times. The person who has been infected with this fever before, If those people have dengue again, they are at serious risk. Dengue fever can be very fatal for patients with diabetes and asthma.

Warning For Girls

If someone has a menstrual period, it will be very long due to this fever. Girls who haven’t had menstruation yet, Menstruation may be started due to this fever. If this is the case, the patient must consult a doctor. Otherwise, the patient may bleed heavily and the patient may die of shock. You have to be admitted to the hospital without delay and treatment for dengue has to be given.

When May Dengue Fever Occur?

Generally, dengue fever is more frequent in the period of May to September in Bangladesh. The incidence of this fever is high during the hot and rainy season. Usually, in the winter, the fever does not go away. During winter, dengue mosquitoes can survive for many days in larvae and At the beginning of the rainy season, the new mosquito carrying dengue virus spreads.

What Is Dengue Shock Syndrome?

The most common form of this fever is dengue shock syndrome (DSS). The symptoms are – a sudden drop in blood pressure. Heart palpitations are extremely slow and fast. The hands, feet, and other parts of the body get extra cold. In such a situation, the patient may suddenly be unconscious. This disease can even lead to death.

Bottom line: When should you go to the doctor?

The prevalence of dengue in Dhaka city is very high, So you have to be aware as soon as the fever comes, the symptoms should be monitored competently. If you see any of these symptoms, you should take them to the doctor immediately, In such a case, the blood should be examined according to the doctor’s advice. The doctor gives treatment for dengue to the patient.

Dengue Fever Treatment Home Remedies

The main task is to remedy this fever – Preventing the spread of AIDS mosquitoes. Make sure the mosquitoes do not bite. Shrubs, jungles, reservoirs, etc. around the house should be kept clean. Aedes mosquito lays eggs where transparent water is stored. So we have to remove the vase, dubbed shell, abandoned tire, etc. If water is stored in the area, it should be kept clean. Water should not be store in an open mouth water tank and flower tub, etc.

These mosquitoes usually bite in the morning and evening but may bite at other times. So good to have a net around the house, door, window. During the day, By hanging the mosquito and have to sleep. Better to sleep with the burning coil. If we have dengue, we should eat natural food. Such as vegetables, soups, lean foods, vitamin C types fruits, etc. Natural ways to get rid of 3 diseases. also, we need treatment for dengue.

Which Pill Isn’t Right To Eat For Dengue Treatment?

Professor Tahmina said, “Usually, paracetamol can be consumed if there is dengue fever. An average weight person will be able to take four paracetamol medicines a day.” Playing more than that will be a problem.
Doctors say the maximum dose of paracetamol per day is four grams. If a person has a liver, heart, and kidney problems, he or she should consult a doctor before taking paracetamol. Aspirin cannot be fed to a patient. Taking aspirin at this time can cause bleeding.

Advice for treatment for Dengue


When Do We Need To Be Hospitalized For Dengue Fever?

There are usually three parts to this fever.
Such as ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘C’.
Patients in the ‘A‘ category are common. These patients only have a fever. Most dengue patients belong to the ‘A’ category.
Patients in the ‘A‘ category do not need to be hospitalized.

The patients in the ‘B’ category are all normal. However, there are some signs of dengue in the body. Abdominal pain, heavy vomiting, or the patient will not eat anything. It is seen that after two days of fever, the patient’s body becomes cold.

The ‘C’ category fever is worse. In many cases, the patient may require to be admitted to the ICU and provide dengue treatment.


Bottom line: Go to the hospital after confirmation.

Consult a doctor immediately when the above symptoms of dengue appear Because risk can happen at any time. Remember – health is the root of all happiness. So, Be aware of yourself and do the other.



As Many Misconceptions About Dengue Fever

Many people have misconceptions about dengue fever. For this reason, there is undue fear about dengue fever. Here are some common misconceptions about dengue fever:

Misconceptions About Dengue:

1. Many people think that dengue is a contagious disease. Some people think that if you touch a dengue fever patient, the disease will spread among those who touch it. Again, many people think that a patient with dengue fever should be kept separate.

Accurate information: Dengue is not a contagious disease. So if you touch a dengue patient, sleep in the same bed, use the same towel or use the same cloth, use the same glass or plate, there is no chance for others to get the same disease. There is no barrier to social interaction with this fever patient. So there is no need to isolate a patient with dengue fever. If the symptoms of dengue fever appear in the patient, treatment should be given.

2. Many people think that once there is dengue fever, there will never be dengue fever again.

Accurate information: Usually this idea is not entirely true. Because there are 4 types of dengue virus. Infected with the dengue virus by many oneeof the 4 viruses. After recovering from the first virus, you will no longer be infected with that virus in the future. Because only that virus develops the patient’s lifelong immunity. But the risk of being infected by the other 3 dengue viruses remains high. The symptoms of dengue are highlighted above, You can be fairly sure if you have dengue. However, if someone is infected with dengue fever 4 times in a lifetime by 4 different viruses, Then you should not be infected with dengue fever for the rest of your life.

3. Many people think that the dengue fever virus spreads in the air.

Accurate information: The dengue virus does not spread in the air. Only Aedes mosquito carrying the dengue virus, Only this ‘Aedes‘ mosquito bite can cause dengue fever. The Aedes mosquito carries the dengue fever virus. So there is no chance of the dengue fever virus flying in the air.

Dengue Fever Paragraph

Ask to write a paragraph about dengue fever in schools in Bangladesh. See dengue fever paragraph. Those who will participate in the SSC exam, they will be able to read our post and write easily in the exam. We have covered all the issues of this fever and how to prevent this disease. I have given all the information about why this fever occurs, what are the symptoms, and how to cure it.

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