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Breast cancer treatment details read in bangla

Many organizations are continuing to work for the advancement of women. In addition to developments women, they are working to ensure women’s Good health. Many women in Bangladesh suffer from breast cancer. Read about how to prevent cancer and Breast cancer treatment.

Breast Cancer Treatment, Symptoms & Awareness:

What is breast cancer?

The breast is an organ of the female, just like any other part of the body. It is composed of many small cells. Breast cells lose control over their division for various reasons. Due to the uncontrollable division, the wheels inside the breast are formed, We know this as a tumor.

These tumors are of two types:
1. benign or not harmful &
2. Malignant, known to us as cancer.

This Cancer usually begins inside the vessels of the breast and Slowly spreads to the fatty part of the breast. This cancer cannot be diagnosed at an early stage, But these cancers gland around the breast and Cancer is spread to the distal organs through the bloodstream.

The risk of this cancer:

Breast cancer is one of the major problems of women in Bangladesh. There is no population-based cancer registration company in Bangladesh, So we have to Completely dependent on the statistics of the International Agency for Research on Cancer. According to their sources, 14822 people are newly Infect with breast cancer every year in Bangladesh And about 7135 women died in the year. In Bangladesh, the infected and mortality of female cancers is 23.9% and 16.9% respectively. The main reason for this is unconsciousness.

What is breast cancer and what are the risks?

1 Have a history of breast cancer in the family.
2 Risks are increased when women are above 40 years of age.
3 If someone is Menstruation at a young age or if someone is off late.
4 If a woman has a first child at an older age, and if a woman is childless.
5 If the baby is not breastfed after becoming a mother.
6 If a woman has been using contraceptive pills for a long time.
7 Excess fat intake or if you have obesity problems.
8 Addicted to drugs or smoking, drinking, playing tobacco products.

What are the symptoms?

1 If there is abnormal nipple formation, any shape changes.
2 If something resembles wheels on the breast.
3 If there is too much heat and pressure or pain felt in the breast.
4 If the skin of the nipples is less tense or the nipples are in the inside.
5 If there is pus or bloody discharge from the nipple.
6 If there seems to be a wheel to the armpit.

This is the primary prevention system:

1 The first child of a woman must be given 30 years.
2 The baby must be properly breastfed.
3 Always eat a healthy, balanced diet and build regular exercise habits.
4 Full exclusion of tobacco products, smoking, Jordan-drink, etc.
5 Have to check your breast twice a week or once a month.

When should breast cancer be screened?

Screening tests can vary depending on the age and other risks. There are three types of this screening method, –


You will have to check yourself at least once every month. A woman can test her breast every month from the age of 20 onwards. Breast examination should be done within 1 week of the end of the menstrual cycle. Even women who have regular menstrual closure or for some reason are irregular, They should have a breast test done at a specific date every month.


Women who are in the age range of 30-40 years will check once every 2-3 years, And women who are 40 years of age should go to the doctor 1 times per year to do this test. If there is any abnormal changes in the breast, then you should consult a doctor immediately.


Mammogram is a special type of x-ray device of the breast, making it easy to detect very small wheels and abnormal changes in the breast. The mammogram method is not available in Bangladesh and is expensive. Especially those who are at risk of breast cancer should consult a specialist doctor and if you suggest to do the test, then check. Mammograms are a very popular and effective test in the developed world.

Women and men should remember, so you can be an examination at an early stage, increasing the chances of cure completely.

The methods for breast cancer prevention are:

After BREAST SELF EXAMINATION, CLINICAL BREAST EXAMINATION and MAMMOGRAM something suspicious detected, Then the doctor can take different types of tests to be sure. These include FNAC, BIOPSY, CORE NEEDLE BIOPSY, and Immuno HistoChemistry. Again if breast cancer is caught in a woman. The physician may again take various tests to determine the cancer staging of the patient as need.

Breast Cancer Treatment:

Treatment for this cancer is usually,
1 Surgery.
2 Chemotherapy.
3 Radiotherapy.
4 Hormone therapy Etc. treatment is provided.
An experienced doctor can tell when cancer women need treatment.

Foods that are prohibited:

Professor Cardoso said the highest goal of medicine is to ensure no harm.
According to British Cancer Research, Out of some medicines and some procedures, the main medical disruption occurs.
Cancer Research says Malta and orange foods should be ignore during cancer treatment. The reason for this is that cancer medicine works by breaking down the body. They may damage it, so it is advisable not to eat it during treatment.

The company says it is important to talk to your doctor before taking any other type of medicine during the traditional treatment. Especially if you are in the middle of a cancer treatment.

Clinical nurse specialist Gritty Boutin-Smith said, Currently thousands of information are now available on the Internet without proof.
Without consulting the Internet or other ignorant information, you can get accurate information about your disease by consulting a doctor.

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