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How can we prevent such a virus from being attacked? and we will highlight how we can stay away from this disease.

Those who have more immune systems cannot carry a virus in their body ( Immunity System ). So to get rid of any kind of virus we have to increase the immune system.

The warning right now is, You need to stay away from the person affected. Always use masks. Wash your hands at least 5 times daily. Do not touch the face and the nose with your hands. Always wash your hands and skin.

How to get the release of the coronavirus?

Dr. Jahangir Kabir said, “The first thing we have to do is fix the food.” We need to stop eating sugar. The virus rises due to any pathogens sugar causes. The virus may not directly consume sugar, But pathogens use those viruses to grow them. Sugary foods make homemade inflammation. Processed foods, chemical mixing foods should be avoided. Then, of course, your immune system will be fine.

He said that the main reason behind so many people getting sick is because of processed foods, Chemical mixed foods.

After the outbreak of the Coronavirus, mask prices have raised in the market. But the market for sugar is right. But sugar-rich foods are still on the market. Candy, coke, Fanta, ice cream, chocolate, chewing gum eating a lot of people.
People don’t realize that this thing is hurting them.

Dr. Jahangir Kabir says Another thing to note is who died of the virus. Who is already suffering from various diseases, Those who have low immunity and those who are very old, those with low immune levels are also likely to die?
Those who are Strong, those who have good immunity, are free from the virus.

He Said, “If we eat chemical foods, it will surely harm the liver.” Chemical mixed with drugs or foods, but it will hurt.

To improve the immune system, it must be free from stress. If we go through stress; Be it physical or mental, Our immune system is weakened by that. That is, stress reduces our immune system. It is not just word of mouth to be mentally strong. That’s why you need to get enough sleep. It is important to go to bed early and get up early.

If we wake up at night, our mental and physical condition will not be good. Morning sunshine and exercise can improve immunity. People who are really sick – if someone has Pneumonia, Diarrhea, the virus is not really a disease. If anyone is really sick then we will not allow them to exercise.

He said the virus is not really a disease. We need to fight the virus, by increasing the immunity levels.

When you want to reduce mental stress, you need to meditate. It is a great meditation to do as you have been told to pray. From this comes emotional tranquility. It reduces physical and mental stress.

He also said that if we are fasting, the immune system is good, Because, when you eat frequently, the body does not get time to improve its immune system. He recommends ignoring bad fats.

Dr. Jahangir Kabir said that if we develop immunity by developing these practices, Then we can get rid of any disease. If our immune system is good, even if some kind of virus enters the body, they will not survive. Instead, we will be free from the virus.

Warning for cooking foods:-
Poultry foods should be washed or cooked thoroughly. Do not eat poultry foods or cook them well. Cooking at high temperatures, The virus does not survive because of the heat.
Be aware of yourself and try to make others aware. It advantages us.

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