Mask really protect us (how to work it)

Can face masks really protect you?

What a strange attack! Because of this, regular masks like clothing are used. The demand for masks has increased in China due to the coronavirus, At the same time, it has influenced many countries of the world.
The virus spreads through coughing, So the use of masks in China has increased. The whole world is now scared of the virus. Can face masks really protect you and others?

face masks really protect us?

How effective the mask is at preventing virus infection?

The World Health Organization says, Just wearing a mask is not enough. They have warned about cloth masks. In addition to reading the mask, wash your face at least 3 times a day, Eyes, mouth, and nose should be avoided to touch. Ways to protect against corona virus

Scientists have many doubts about this mask. They said, Most surgical masks cannot completely protect. The eyes, face are not well covered by these masks and Scientists are skeptical as there is no air purification system.

But using masks, Reduces the risk of getting infected with the virus. Protects the mask from the cough of others and it also protects against hand-to-mouth infections. face masks really protect you but use it properly.

The doctors said, How to read the mask and have to change regularly. When changing the worn mask, the mask must be destroyed.

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