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Into these blogs, I’ll talk about caffeine and your heart health. So it might be surprising to learn that the caffeine. In the morning cup of coffee is especially good for your heart.
That is, you will be surprised to know, Caffeine in coffee is very beneficial for your heart. In fact, some new research has shown that. Learn about some of the symptoms and treatments for heart disease.

Strong Heart
Healthy ❤️ Heart

This caffeine in coffee makes your old heart strong and younger. That means it makes your heart stronger than the age.

According to a German medical study, Caffeine in coffee is only 10 days after heart activity to improve and healthy. Actually, coffin helps protect and repair the heart. It works deeply at the cellular level.

Researchers have discovered, We need a protein called p27 inside the mitochondrial heart.
mitochondrial being a power generator, Small generators that are cells in your body.
This is a small generator, which increases the energy of the cells in your body. Without mitochondrial you cannot convert food into energy, Inside your heart, there are about 5,000 mitochondrial. Which keeps your heart young and strong.

When caffeine in coffee reaches our mitochondrial protein called P27, It protects our heart muscle from premature death and damage.
According to a Brazilian study, People who eat coffee that day, they are less likely to suffer from heart disease and they are less prone to stroke. This is amazingly up to 67% compared to others.

Black coffee
Coffee is beneficial

How to get coffee?

Eat at least 7 days a week, At least 3 cups of coffee a day and of course you should eat coffee without sugar.
If you are sick, (For example High pressure and heart disease problems then you have to eat without sugar and milk.)

If you are healthy you can use cow’s milk, But of course, sugar cannot be eaten at all.

I pray that everyone is healthy

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