BTS prepares for their online concert Map of the soul ON: E

BTS is set for their “Guide of the spirit ON: E” online shows and they shared subtleties of their exhibition. BigHit’s K-pop gathering needed to delay their 2020 visit because of the pandemic, so they have discovered better approaches to get together with ARMY over the separation, the young men will share their music in another online exhibition, like Bang. Blast Con, for two days, BTS will introduce their collection “Guide of the spirit 7”.

Through the authority BTS account, Jungkook chose to share several photographs of their practices, the young men exploited the Chuseok occasion week to set up the subtleties of “Guide of the spirit ON: E”, their next online show, which is booked to run more than 2 days, on October 10 and 11, notwithstanding demonstrating a virtual Bangtan display.

The icon chose to distribute a photograph with his amplifier close by, the young men will perform at the KSPO Dome in the South Korean Olympic Park, because of new limitations because of the pandemic, the gathering needed to drop the participation of a little gathering of fans, the transmission will be straightforwardly on the Weverse gateway.


Jungkook likewise gave another see of his online introduction, as he shared a photograph where the BTS logo framed by a lot of lights can be seen, it isn’t known whether there will be drone arrangements, as they ordinarily use in their exhibitions, yet innovation won’t be vital , ARMY will likewise have the option to see the video in 4K in the event that you buy the ticket for such access.

J-Hope was another of the individuals who gave subtleties, as he clarified that the young men have been practicing alone, that is, there will be just exhibitions, likewise another ARMY uncovered that while going through the territory, the icons played “ON”, this show it will be the stage for them to introduce every one of the tunes and movements of “Guide of the spirit 7” unexpectedly.

After their show, the folks from eBTS will likewise be getting ready for their rebound, which will be hung on November 20 with their collection “BE.”

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