Natural ways to get rid of 3 diseases

Gastric, Asthma, shortness of breath and thin closet is currently a very serious disease. When we get seriously ill, we go to the doctor. That’s not fair at all. If symptoms of the disease appear, you must try to do well in natural ways. If symptoms of this disease occur, you should first seek natural treatment.

How to get natural treatment:

Symptoms of Gastric Problem

Gastric Problem

  • For gastric healing: Gastric is increased by eating heavy food. We eat medicine when the gastric growths but it is not right. If gastric growing, follow these rules. Get up in the morning and eat regular rice water. Then eat a glass of water before eating breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Asthma and shortness of breath

Symptoms of Asthma and shortness of breath

  • Asthma and shortness of breath: This disease is terrible. If the problem is greater, then must go to the doctor. If you follow them at an early stage, you will benefit. Drink at least 30 glass of water a day and night, Do not empty water from your stomach. Tea, coffee, hot water and refrigerated cold water are prohibited. Do this practice for at least 2 weeks. Get good results for it.


Diarrhea Symptoms

  • For the Diarrhea: Many of us neglect this disease. There is no way to think of it as a minor disease. Many people are losing their life every year due to this disease. So there’s no chance to make it smaller, You can benefit by following these rules at an early stage.

1. Cutting raw bananas first, Now the bananas juice has to be extracted.
Drink 1 glass juice with water and sugar and salt in banana juice. Then return to the toilet every time and drink 1 glasses of juice.

2. Take a handful of jaggery or sugar and a little salt, By mixing them in half kg of water and eat them 7/8 times a day.

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