Covid19: How many people have Infected, died from coronavirus – protect yourself

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With the outbreak of a new virus, activity around the world has slowed down. Coronavirus is now a terror in the world. Every country and territory in the world is growing quickly.

How many people in the country are affected by the coronavirus?

The virus has spread to 111 countries around the world. Bangladesh has been included in Bangladesh was included a while back. The number of people infected with the virus in China is about 80,754 and more than 5,436 people have died. Italy has the highest number of infected after China. In Italy, 10,149 people were infected with the virus, and 631 died of the virus. In this situation, the Chinese government has issued a state of emergency.
So far, 8,042 people have been infected with the virus in Iran.

Infection and mortality rates around the world

About 4,258 people have died in coronaviruses worldwide, So far 1 lakh 16 thousand 600 people have been infected with the virus. The number of infected is increasing day by day and the mortality rates are increasing.
Newly identified 3 people in Bangladesh, but the number is estimated to be more. In the meantime, 66,617 affected people have returned home after receiving medical treatment. They came back free from Covid19.

Do it to protect yourself from coronavirus

The only way to protect yourself from this virus is to – Viruses who have already been infected or Carrying this virus, Hopefully not in touch with such people and Must be avoided. You should wash hands and face at least 5 times a day if you can wash more than that.
Masks should be read everywhere in the house and outside, Can the mask prevent coronavirus? Read it. The nose and mouth cannot be touched with hands, and experts have repeatedly advised washing hands.

Dr. Jahangir Alam says those who have a good immune system cannot survive any virus in their body, Even the Coronavirus won’t survive.
He also says that to get rid of any kind of virus, it is important to increase our immunity. A way to protect against coronavirus by increasing immunity.

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