Heart attack causes – symptoms & how to protect us

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Heart Attack Causes

The disease is responsible for 1/3 of the world’s mortality. It is reported that 18-year-old has died of the disease. The name of the disease is “heart attack“. This is Causing additional death, It is possible to protect yourself by following certain rules. Read the post and be aware of all the issues & know about heart attack causes.

What is a heart attack and Causes ?

The heartbeat of an adult man is pulsation about 72 times in a minute. Through this pulsation, the heart pumps blood throughout the body like a pump. This blood circulation is done by 2 blood vessels of the heart.

The name of the blood vessels –

1- Coronary &

2- Artery.

If these two blood vessels cholesterol freezes, Then the blood cannot circulate normally. Because of this, the heart muscle suffered from blood loss and Blood clotting occurs in the blood vessel, resulting in this attack.

What are the symptoms of a this attack?

Here are some common symptoms of attack on Britain’s National Health Service website, this is the Causing additional death.

1. Acute pain in the chest with pressure or twitching. This pain can spread to other parts of the body. It feels like the pain is coming down on your two arms. In most cases, the left is more affected.

2. Pain in the jaw, dental gums, throat, back or even stomach can be felt.

3. The head feels light, Relaxing head and exhausted.

4. There is a lot of sweat.

5. Many times, there is no proper breathing and coughing.

6. Nausea can be seen.

7. To be restless or panic

If these symptoms show up, you should be rushed to the hospital without delay. It is best to take the ambulance to the hospital.
The patient should be kept in complete rest on the way to the hospital or while waiting for an ambulance. Heart disease will be reduced in just 3 day.

The patient has to be protected humanely so that there is no pressure in the heart.
If you do not have a good hospital near you, So after confirming that the patient had a heart attack, At the doctor’s advice, you should take aspirin medicine or spray nitroglycerin under the tongue. Then the patient should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible.

What is cardiac arrest?

If someone has a cardiac arrest, then it’s bad. Cardiac arrest means the heart is completely shut down. If the victim is not breathing or moving or After repeatedly calling the patient and There is no response after touching, Then call an ambulance immediately.
Since the ambulance may be delayed, so should be given chest compression immediately on the center of the patient’s chest. It restarts the heart.

Chest compression rules:

Before giving the patient the best compression, let the patient lie down. Then lock your hand to give it another hand.

The proper method for locking hands is to give chest compression.

With this part of the hand, press the body with your body mass at the center of the patient’s chest,

How to give chest compression to the patient.

Press in such a way that the part of the chest of the patient submerged up to 6 cm. This compression should be giving 100 to 120 times per minute. Compression should be provided until the ambulance arrives.

Who is at a higher risk of this attack?

The risk of a heart attack has generally increased since the age of 40. At the age of 18, there is a lot of evidence of a heart attack. Boys are generally at higher risk than girls.

What is the affects of this Attack?

There are many reasons for this,

  1. Diabetes.
  2. High blood pressure.
  3. Hyper Lipidemia.
  4. If you have had a heart attack in your family in the past.
  5. smoking, drinking habits.
  6. If obesity or excess health increases.
  7. Excessive human stress or disturbance.

How to prevent of this attack?

The risk of a heart attack can be greatly reduced by several lifestyle changes. For this, mental thinking must be eliminated. Studies have shown that 1 piece of garlic per day reduces the risk of heart attack.

1. Worry should be free.

2. Weight, blood pressure and diabetes must be controlled.

3. Avoid foods containing excess sugar or excess salt and cholesterol.

4. Avoid smoking, drinking and all kinds of drugs.

5. Regular physical exercise such as walking, running or any other physical exercise can make it possible to control the risk of a heart attack.

List of excluded foods to reduce the risk-

* Animal liver, brain, bone marrow- They have a lot of cholesterol. For heart patients, these foods should be avoided.

* Shrimp is another exclusionary meal. Shrimp is low in calories and fat, but it contains a lot of cholesterol. After cooking 3.5 ounces of salmon fish with only 62 mg of cholesterol, But there is 189 mg of cholesterol in that shrimp. So it’s better to exclude it.

* Fish head and fish eggs contain LDL or harmful cholesterol and triglyceride. Which increases the blood lipid profile.

* According to expert research, people who eat fast food 1 time per week. They have a 20% risk of developing heart disease.

* Studies show that a chicken egg has 186 mg of cholesterol. The whole cholesterol is in the egg yolk. A heart patient can take cholesterol 200 mg daily but No more.

* Many people eat coconut oil, but 80% to 90% of coconut oil is saturated fat. So it is harmful to heart patients.

* Extra fried and oily foods should be avoided. If the food is overly fried, the food quality decreases and it is linked with harmful fat.

* Cakes, pastries, puddings, ice cream, and all such foods should be avoided. Each of its foods is sugary. This sugar increases our risk of a heart attack.

It is the major Causing additional death

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