Coronavirus: Bexin is present in humans free from the Cov-19 (the right way to be saved )

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Bexin is present in humans free from the Cov-19

Coronavirus vaccine is hidden among the victims!

Coronavirus is the world’s biggest terror right now. Coronavirus prevention methods have been found out, A group of Chinese researchers has acknowledged this.

They say that people who have gotten better with the treatment of the coronavirus, They will be made immune to the blood plasma.
There has been no effective treatment against this virus worldwide. In China at the moment, those who have been released through treatment, A Chinese researcher is working on a similar method of collecting plasma from their blood. The name of the team is the China National Biotic Group.

The news was published in the New York Times and Live Science magazine. Plasma antibodies are currently being used by those who have cured, already 10 patients have been released from the virus.
New York Times says antibiotics are in the blood of a virus-free human, Researchers in China try to treat that blood plasma by transporting new patients to the body.

But many questions about how effective this method- Because the immune system of each human body is different. For this reason, many have questioned whether this method will be the same for everyone.

Important information about the virus:

Everyone in the world may be worried about the outbreak of the Coronavirus. Learn more about this virus and it’s awful:

What is the probability of us getting this virus?

It depends on where you are in the world. More than 60,000 people are infected with the virus in more than 20 countries. The highest number of deaths in China, More than 1,500 people died.

If the comparison is seen-
About 5 million people die from the flu every year in the world. So how awful is this new virus? Statistics say that 1 out of every 100 people infected with the Cov-19 virus died.
However, the rate of recent outbreaks may change.

How infectious is it?

People suffering from the SARS virus would get sick very quickly. That is, it would have been possible to separate them quickly. But Covid-19 works differently, Most people have mild symptoms like fever, cough. So they do not get medical treatment immediately. That means they are more likely to spread the virus.

Who is at a big risk of the virus attack?

Especially those whose immune systems are weak and those who are older (the immune system weaker) are more likely to be attacked. Because the statistics showed that most of the victims were elderly and the immune system weak. So the chances of the virus being attacked and the immune system weakened.
Statistics show that we can protect ourselves against viruses by improving our immune system.

How do we protect ourselves?

The virus spreads through sneezing and coughing. No antidote for this has yet been made. Doctors recommend washing hands after a while. But it is possible to kill the virus by following some rules. The virus is not actually a disease. By properly managing life we ​​can protect ourselves from any virus. Learn how to do this in detail.

Should we wear masks?

Experts now talk about the use of masks, but there is a lot of talk about it. The use of masks to get rid of viruses cannot be 100% guaranteed,
But something protects us.
There is controversy over the effectiveness of using masks on the face. So the mask should be used properly and after use, it should be destroyed. Using a mask infected with a virus can lower the rate of virus infection.

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